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Taiapure are “local fisheries” in estuarine or coastal waters which recognise the special significance of the area to local iwi or hapu, either as a source of seafood, or for spiritual or cultural reasons. Taiapure can give Maori greater say in the management of their traditionally important areas. A major difference between mataitai and taiapure is that taiapure may allow commercial fishing.

A taiapure proposal from a local community must go through a public consultation process before it is approved. Once set up, a committee nominated by the local Maori community advises the Minister of Fisheries on regulations to make under s.175 of the Fisheries Act to control all types of fishing within the local area. At this stage only one taiapure has regulations, and the 1997 taiapure in the Waikare Inlet of the Bay of Islands is still awaiting agreement about the regulations needed. No monitoring has been completed to demonstrate any effect of a taiapure at present.

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