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Wrecked Reefs by John Booth - Russell Review Article

shallow reefJust where does the buck stop for shallow-reef kelp loss in the Bay of Islands? It has crept up on us. The process has been slow and steady – measured in decades. It’s only when we’re confronted with then-and-now photographs that the scale of injury becomes apparent.

Most of the shallow-reef kelp (to around 6-metres depth) in the main basin of the Bay of Islands has gone. The full implications of this loss of biological diversity are poorly understood, but are potentially enormous. ‘But why worry? There’s plenty more kelp deeper down.

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Bay of Islands Recreation Fishing Report - John Booth

cinquante1Recreational fishing in the Bay of Islands: intense pressure contributes to stress on fishstocks and to local ecological degradation

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Obituary: David Clarkson

davidSad news, David Clarkson, the man who established Bay of Islands Maritime Park Inc, way back in 2007 (the umbrella organization of Fish Forever and Living Waters) passed away at his home in Kerikeri last week.

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Maunganui Bay rahui rolled for a further two years!

A huge thank you to Ngati Kuta and Patukeha hapu for intitiating and extending this rahui. The area has now been protected since 2010.

The Ministry of Primary Industries have confirmed the temporary closure of Maunganui Bay Rahui until the 29th October 2018  Closed under section 186A of the Fisheries Act 1996 to fishing for all species except kina.

For full information visit:

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Help get Marine Reserves for the Otago Coast

Submissions have now closed. Thank you to all those who participated.

Gigantic kelp forests, deep sea canyons, albatross, sea lions, amazing bryozoan beds, endangered dolphins and yellow-eyed penguins. The South Island’s South-east coast has it all … except marine reserves.

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Support the rahui rollover!

Submissions for the Rahui rollover have now closed.
We are delighted so many of you want to see better protection of our marine environment.
A very big thanks to the 466 of you who sent a supportive submission through this page!

For more information on the Rahui visit

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Kina and their effect on algal communities in the Bay of Islands

d1 rg rog 0168 2 16 kinabarren thumbRocky shores around New Zealand have areas in water depths of between about three to eleven metres where there is little (and sometimes no) kelp. In a number of places these areas only have algal felts or low turfs and many kina (sea urchins). Initially this was thought to be the natural state. Researchers here and overseas have since found such barrens are the result of intensive browsing by sea urchins that prevents kelp regrowth. (April 2016)

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Life Beneath the Waves

054 100 larakay thumbLIFE BENEATH THE WAVES: WAEWAETOREA, A VERY SPECIAL PLACE, presented by Vince Kerr

Free public talk on Thurs 21 Jan 2016 | 7pm social/bar | 7.30pm talk | Theatre Terrace & Bar, Turner Ctr, Kerikeri | Koha

Waewaetorea and its surrounds in the Eastern Bay of Islands is something of an ecological gem. There is an astonishingly diverse array of habitats that supports an incredible range of marine species and communities. Many would argue that this area has international standing for its biodiversity.

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Profile: Wade Doak

wade and jan thumbWade is an experienced diver, prolific author and researcher, a marine reserve advocate and an all-round enthusiast for ocean systems and the biota that inhabit them. He has always supported Fish Forever’s work and so it’s a pleasure to be able to let him speak for himself here.

It also allowed him to give a timely tribute to Bill Ballantine, the father of marine conservation in New Zealand, who died earlier this month. (Nov 2015)

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Voices of Land and Sea

roger grace red moki thumbVoice of Land and Sea is a new talk series exploring the Bay of Islands’ natural world, hosted by Fish Forever and Living Water.

This monthly talk series will reveal fascinating aspects of the Bay of Islands ecological landscape, celebrate its uniqueness and challenge us to be guardians of it. We hope to encourage people to connect with their environment on a deeper level: to gain more pleasure from their own backyard and raise awareness about the importance of preserving it.

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Fish Forever November News

Gem nudibranch PAIHIA DIVE thumbnailWelcome to Fish Forever's global and local news update for November 2015. First, we would like to acknowledge the life of a true legend of marine conservation, Bill Ballantine, who died this week, aged 78. Without his many years of advocacy work, Fish Forever may not have existed. You can read Vince Kerr's tribute to Bill Ballantine here.

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Profile: Derry Godbert


Sept 2015: Derry has been heavily involved in local marine ecology during the course of his teaching career. He was part of two previous attempts to set up a marine reserve in the Bay. He's pleased to be involved in Fish Forever and the team is delighted to be able to draw on his historical experience. Derry is known locally for teaching many people in the Bay of Islands to sail.

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