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New marine protected areas - Bay of Islands and Mimiwhangata
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Maunganui Bay to Opourua (Oke Bay) is a rahui tapu no-take fishing area.
Mimiwhangata rahui tapu no take fishing area.

Marine invader Caulerpa present in the Bay of Islands

Pic 03bannerPhoto: Irene Middleton, NIWAFor the invasive Caulerpa (Caulerpa brachypus and Caulerpa parvifolia) , 
If you see it:
1. Leave it where it is
2. Take a photo and record the location
3. Ring MPI 0800 8099 66 or go to mpi.govt. nz/caulerpa
Please note that there are several native Caulerpas in the Bay of Islands.These are quite different to the alien species. The most common is Caulerpa brownii  (see ). This is common on some subtidal sand/rock flats ( Rocky Beach at Tapeka, off Long Beach, between Urupukapuka and Motukiekie Islands). Much less common is Caulerpa geminata  ( see: ) and Caulerpa acutifolia (I can't find any online images apart from the MPI fact sheet about the alien Caulerpas). 

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