Seafood Industry addresses Fish Forever in open letter

letter-seafood-councilToday's edition of the Bay Chronicle includes a letter from Peter Bodeker, Chief Executive of New Zealand Seafood Industry Council. The letter is shown below and makes a sweeping attack on the place of marine reserves in the armoury of marine protection tools. He refers to marine reserves as a "blunt and ineffective" fisheries management tool. 

How can we restore the waters of the Bay?

snapperPresentation: Dr Roger Grace and Fish Forever
Venue: Bay of Islands Swordfish Club, Paihia
When: Thursday 5 May 6pm

Swordy presentation this Thursday!

sfcWe'll be presenting to the Swordfish Club in Paihia this Thursday to talk about the Fish Forever campaign with our recreational fishers.

Presenters include: Julie Kidman (chair) and guest speakers Vince Kerr and Dr Roger Grace. Should be an interesting evening.

Support from Bay of Islands Underwater Club

boiucAbsolutely delighted to receive this letter of support from John Dawn on behalf of the Bay of Islands Underwater Club.

No fish, no birds

Myra Larcombe, nee Lane, ran the launch service prior to the Fuller's operation; she has lived in the Bay for most of her life and we should heed her wise words. The letter below ran in the Bay Chronicle on 11/11/2010. We hope to obtain an oral history of her experience of abundance of birds and fish in the bay in time's past.

Last Fish Supper (article NZ Herald)

The last fish supper
By Anna Hart
5:30 AM Wednesday Oct 20, 2010

For years, we've considered fish to be a healthier, more eco-minded alternative to red meat and chicken, but today this has been called into doubt. Anna Hart finds out how we can enjoy seafood without a side-helping of guilt ...

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