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Fish Forever Campaign Update May/June 2015


gullSince the publication of the submission report late last year (along with some encouraging press coverage) followed by our conversation with Minister Maggie Barry earlier this year, the Fish Forever team is working hard to find the best path forward to reach our goals. Our commitment is steadfast (we still want marine reserves!) but the story is multi-layered and every decision has its own set of complications. (News: May/June 2015)


At a local level there is work to do to fully engage hapū and address concerns from some recreational fishers, whilst on a legislative level it is likely that marine protection planning processes will change under this government. If this new legislation arrives in the near future we will be looking at engaging our community in a whole new process with an emphasis on engagement and collaboration – more on this soon.

The Fish Forever team is open-minded and eager to make a real difference. We are instigating dialogue with those who might help unpick the complex issue of marine protection in our wonderfully diverse community. The priority is to build strong relationships that create the foundation for a model that the Bay of Islands community wants and can support, rather than one that is foisted upon it by outsiders. If you are interested to be involved or have ideas for us please come along to a meeting or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On the side, the team is exploring ideas for locally-led projects that will help galvanise the community for the bigger steps to come. We also continue to gather essential ecological data about the state of the Bay's marine environment through various monitoring processes.

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