Life Beneath the Waves


Free public talk on Thurs 21 Jan 2016 | 7pm social/bar | 7.30pm talk | Theatre Terrace & Bar, Turner Ctr, Kerikeri | Koha

Waewaetorea and its surrounds in the Eastern Bay of Islands is something of an ecological gem. There is an astonishingly diverse array of habitats that supports an incredible range of marine species and communities. Many would argue that this area has international standing for its biodiversity.

In this third talk of the Voices of Land and Sea series, hosted by Fish Forever and Living Waters, you will be immersed in the experiences of Vince Kerr and Roger Grace’s extensive dives in this area of the Bay of Islands. You will get some insight into the tools of the trade – camera drops and manta tows – and the power of high resolution aerials and GIS to create an underwater map of the area. You will see the results of their habitat studies and get a real sense of what a precious place it is here, beneath the waves.

t’s not all good news though.

This area has been seriously depleted by human and environmental impacts over the years. Some of what was found is alarming. Listen to the story of the retreating crayfish, and the ever-encroaching kina barrens.

Now think about the solution – how a marine reserve could revert this area to a more natural state. Just leaving it alone: what could be simpler?

Join us on Thursday 21st January at 7pm at the Turner Centre to hear the full story.


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Photo credits: Lara Kay / Salt Air and Dean Wright Photography
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